How do you transport frozen goods by air?

If you have a food business that demands that you have to ship temperature sensitive items or maybe you just want to ship a perishable item to a friend, Air Freight Frozen Food is probably the way you will want to go.

Air freight frozen food has the expertise you are looking for to ship your temperature sensitive items. We promise to deliver your goods on time, every time and still frozen just like you brought them to us. We meet if not exceed our customer’s needs because we care about our customers.

Some special items need to be kept at a specific temperature such as with seafood. Seafood must be kept at -20 degrees Celsius (-4 Fahrenheit) and Air freight frozen food we can do that. We have not only the equipment but also the know how to take care of your needs. That’s right, we know how to freeze, package and handle the whatever you bring us. We know how to take care of your items.

Air Freight Frozen Food is dedicated to keeping your items frozen or chilled until they reach there designated target. Your package will not drop below the temperature they are needed to be kept at. If your item needs to be kept frozen, they will be kept frozen. We promise they will not thaw.

Our staff has been expertly trained in shipping frozen goods and keeping them frozen (or chilled as the need may be) and will take excellent care of your items making sure your items arrive on time and in perfect condition.

Perishable items must be delivered in a timely manner and Air Freight Frozen Food is dedicated to making sure that your goods are dedicated to making sure that your goods will be delivered while they are still at the peak of freshness. Air freight frozen food.

Our vehicles are chilled before we accept the shipment which guarantees your products will not thaw even a little bit, and of course, we make sure our vehicles clean and free of bad odours before we place a new load inside.

Air freight frozen food promises that we will have your items delivered in the same condition that you delivered them to us and they will be dropped off on time every time.

Knowledge of shipping perishable items and our customer service department are things we pride ourselves on.