The best way to choose you ideal wall panel materials

Surroundings play an important role in the success of your mentality. It can make the difference between feeling comfortable or feeling slightly out of place in your own home. It can also make the difference between the ability to work efficiently and being crushed by the pressure of your work.

Surely enough, it can make the difference between having the ability to truly relax after work or still feeling like you never really left the place. If you’re in management, surrounding can play a large role in the productivity levels of the workers. One way to spruce up your surroundings is to try wall panelling, with a leading option being the glass partition wall. For now though, we’ll go with some leading traditional options.

Wall paneling is a recent, trendy way to change your surroundings that is more hygienic, more cost-effective, and cheaper than traditional options. It’s also a great way to disguise a few features(such as cables and exposed wires) along the wall that aren’t so sightly. This isn’t possible with the other traditional models of wallpapering, painting, or cladding walls with tiles. Wall paneling adds character and charm to even the most basic architecture.

The BEST options for wall paneling:

Wood panels:
Not only are natural wood panel beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, but they also offer great insulation to the weather outside. These walls are great for durability. If the surface ever gets damaged, it can just be sanded down and resealed to reveal the original surface. The only downside is the maintenance (especially if it comes in contact with water), as wood can easily rot and start to lose it’s an appearance if not maintained properly. There is a myriad of styles available for the wooden panel as well as design usage. You can’t go wrong with this option.

Chipboard panels:
made of bonding chips of wood and adhesive together using pressure and heat until it forms a stiff board. This stuff is ridiculously cheap and easy to find making it out #1 cost-effective option of the list.

Fabric panels:
Fabric panels give a space a cozy or leisurely feel and are great for a space to relax in. This option is great for spaces like theater, meditations, and more casual rooms. If you go the theater route or any media route for your room, upholstered walls would be the upgrade you’re looking for. They give the same feel like the fabric panels yet offer good acoustic insulating properties. A bit more expensive, yet well worth the price for the investment into your entertainment.

Vinyl Covered Gypsum Board:
The # 1 overall pick for wall paneling today is Vinyl-Covered Gypsum board. These panels are extremely fire resistant and durable. Often times, they’re used in office buildings where fire resistance classifications must be met. They are the most versatile of the list and can satisfy a wide range of design requirements. They also offer good sound insulation properties and are easy to install. Vinyl-Covered Gypsum Board may be our favorite but with so many options you really can’t go wrong. It’s all about what you are looking to experience in your new space. Now it’s your time. Go out there and change your relationship with your surroundings. Your success will thank you.